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Need a House Cleaner? And with a Discount?

March 16, 2012

Here is one vow my husband and I made to one another after our first year of living together: we would do everything in our power to afford a house cleaner for the rest of our lives.  We couldn’t keep arguing about who had to clean the toilet or mop the floor forever, right?!  Well, maybe. According to researchers, a couple has an average of over 312 fights in a year and household chores is top of the list. As one of those chore-nagging couples, we decided it was time to stop wasting time and energy by debating who left what dirty cup where.

We got busy and hired a cleaner, and another cleaner…. and then two others. They all cleaned with varying quality, some were more expensive than others, others skipped out early and the one we finally liked in the end…..just disappeared.

If you look at the listserves, you can find people searching for house cleaners:  “how much for a spring cleaning?”, “anyone know a good cleaner?”,  “my cleaner has an extra day!”  After emailing, calling for references and haggling over price, it’s one enormous inconvenience.  There’s a service for NYC that has taken the stress out of the “how much,” “when” and “what quality” when hiring a home cleaner.  MyClean was started by 4 NYC professionals who were also frustrated by the process of finding reputable cleaners, reaching them by phone, scheduling them and getting a fair price.


Here is how MyClean works:

  • You schedule the cleaning you want on their website.
  • The cleaner shows up at at the time you designate.
  • The cleaners come with their own environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies.
  • All cleaners are insured, bonded and have background checks.
  • You can pay with a credit/debit card.
  • You can reach MyClean.com 24 hours.
  • You can leave specific directions for your cleaner like, “hey, my kid threw his bowl of oatmeal this morning. Would you please scrape it off the wall?”
  • All cleaners are trained (like really trained for 3-5 days by the VP!) and follow a 50 point cleaning checklist. (see below)
  • For the full list of their services, visit here.

The cleaning review:

They offered to scrub my home so I could see the quality of their work, but I opted to give the free trial to my friend instead. My friend (A.) hadn’t had her house cleaned professionally for 11 months and with 2 young children and a huskie dog, she has her hands full. As a single mom, she has been trying to do all the cleaning herself. She mops at bedtime, scours at naptime and dusts….um….never. She signed up on MyClean’s site and scheduled a “Get It Clean” cleaning (the minimum offered to new customers).

So, how was the quality?

A., called me the night after her clean to report that she felt “renewed” and “refreshed” and that it was better than getting a massage or having her hair done. (!) She has vowed to save her money to have the service again. She said that, as a single mom on a tight budget, she hadn’t anticipated that she would be a repeat customer but she will be.  Within one day of her cleaning, she had already recommended the service to two of her friends. That, I would say, is the true test of a satisfied client.



Reader Discount:

We have a discount code for our readers. Sign up on their site to use the discount code: “achildgrows”  for 20% off the first clean.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but editorial is mine and the cleaning review is a genuine one from my friend A. (whom I trust!)