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How to Store Your Stroller for New Yorkers

March 20, 2012

We all live in New York which = no room, no space, no storage, nada! This is where the StrollAway comes in. We were sent the small contraption last week. It basically looks like a large over-the-door hook. I set about putting it up immediately since we are desperate for space. My husband watched me with amusement, sure that it would take me most of the night. Not a chance: it went up in 10 seconds. The StrollAway is made of steel, hangs easily over a door (no drilling or screws required) adjusts to hold most any stroller model up to 35 lbs, and folds flush against the door when not in use. I am in love. Truly, in love. I can’t believe that no one else has thought of this before. My one complaint about it is that the hooks don’t lock into place after use, so I have to resquare them before I put the stroller back up. Okay, so a little thing, but, it does matter to me. This brilliant gizmo is mom-invented, by the way. You can buy it here for $49.99 or at buybuybaby.com or at these Brooklyn stores (which of course is preferable!).

178 N. 9th Street

All About Baby
4802 Glenwood rd
Brooklyn, NY 11234

A Baby Jungle
1715 Avenue M
Brooklyn, NY 11230