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Tired of Nagging To “Hold On”?

February 21, 2012

Over the last 5 years, I have become a parent who nags.  I hate this- and though I really try and curtail it, I find that as a parent living in an urban environment, it’s pretty difficult.

Here is how I sound:

“don’t touch that pole- that’s where dogs go pee”
“watch out!”
“stand back!”
“always hold my hand when you cross the street- or else I have to hold your shirt”
“don’t go over the yellow line or a subway might hit you”
“don’t chase each other on the sidewalk”
“no scooting on the subway platform”

You get the idea. And, please tell me you really get it- and that you’re a bit of a nag too. I will feel so much better.

Last spring I was given a couple of these gadgets, called “Hold-On Handles.” to try out. I had a stroller accessory on my stroller before, the Tag-Along,  and I like it.  But, the Hold-Ons are a bit different. They are a stroller accessory and a walking rope. Don’t worry- it’s not one of those child harnesses you see. Instead, it’s a caribeaner with a brightly colored child-friendly handle that you strap on to your stroller, grocery cart, belt clip or wrist and your child stays within reach of you.

For the past 10 months, I have had one on either side of my stroller and both kids like to hold on to them to keep pace with me as I run around town.  They like holding the animal designs but I think they mainly love the straps because it means they “own” a space on the stroller.  I forget to use the handles when we are at populated events, but I think that would be a good use for them.  I’m sure it would make me less neurotic trying to keep track of my kids. If I had thought of it, I would have brought the handles to the Yo Gabba Gabba concert/rave and avoided nearly losing one of my friends’ children there (whom I hope is not reading this).

Though I’m sure that I will never stop sounding like a nag to my children, I do feel a little better when I say “hold on” to my kids and they both nonchalantly reach for their respective handle on the stroller. They like the handles, and that’s been true since I introduced the gadgets to them last year. Now, how do I get them to stop touching every dirty subway surface that they can possibly get their hands on?