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Need an Intern? Here’s An Opportunity to Find One

February 13, 2012

Really, who couldn’t use an intern? Can I get one to arrange play dates, another to answer emails and another to exercise for me? If you have a legitimate need for an intern (unlike me), you will be interested in this event on Thursday.

Whether you have a home business or a large company, or are an artist who needs some canvas prepared or an office that needs administrative help, you can find an intern through FEGS. I remember when Gabby, who ran Still Hip until it closed, had a few interns from this program and was really happy with them.  She has organized an evening at Mini Jake ‘s to introduce the people behind FEGS and their internship program.

The interns are high school age, and the scheduling is based on their academic schedule, but they are eager for valuable experience and you can provide a wonderful opportunity for them to help shape their future.

Have a Heart, Hire an Intern Meet and Greet
Thursday, February 16 @ 7pm
Mini Jake
178 North 9th Street
RSVP here.