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311 May Not Be Giving Correct School Zoning Info

February 16, 2012

How’s this for maddening?! You call 311 (NYC’s information line) to find out what school you are zoned for, but when you arrive at your school to enroll, you are told that you aren’t actually zoned for that school. You were given the wrong information. Yes, this bureaucratic snafu is happening as Clara Hemphill wrote in this story broken by Inside Schools. Hemphill, writes, “the Department of Education has not updated its zone maps to reflect zoning changes on the Upper East Side, lower Manhattan and the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, so parents who call 311 to find out the name of their neighborhood school to register their kindergartners may get inaccurate information, Insideschools has learned. Schools affected on the Upper East Side are PS 158, PS 290, PS 151 and a new school, PS 527 which will open in September on East 91st Street in the Our Lady of Grace building. Schools affected in lower Manhattan are PS 89, PS 276, PS 397 and a new school, Peck Slip, which will open in the DOE headquarters in September.

In Brooklyn, PS 180, PS 164, PS 105, PS 69, PS 160, PS 163 and PS 200 in District 20 were also rezoned.”

So, why don’t the 311 operators have the correct information?

The Inside Schools story explains: In December, the District 2 Community Education Council (CEC), responsible for zoning, approved new school zones, effective this fall, to ease overcrowding and published them on its website. However, the 311 operators rely on the DOE maps for the current school year–not the maps that will be in effect in September–said Elizabeth Rose, the DOE official in charge of planning new schools. “It’s definitely challenging,” Rose told Insideschools.

So what do you do?
I suggest asking your neighbors and call the schools near you.