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Deal of the Week: Genius Organizing- Totally Worth It!

January 5, 2012

It’s the New Year, which means that everyone is energized about their resolutions from losing weight to streamlining their life.  This week Doodle Deals is offering a way to start the New Year off right with 43% off a 2 hour in-home organizing and decluttering session. It caught my eye because it is being offered by Genius Organizing– the women who helped me make our life and home sane this summer. The Doodle Deal reminded me that I wanted to write about them and how much they helped me.  As specialists in organizing children’s rooms and play areas, Genius Organizing know how to whip those particular spaces into shape, but, I found they were also great in doing just about everything!

Nicole and Julia, the founders of Genius Organizing, are totally fun, easy to be with and nonjudgmental (an essential characteristic for this business!).  I worked with Julia the entire time due to scheduling though I have met Nicole many times since she lives one street from us. I actually looked forward to Julia’s visits: she was interesting to talk to while we sorted, had clear ideas, she worked her butt off (never took a lunch break and instead drank some sort of monster power shake!), dug in and got dirty and took charge. I was happy to defer to her about decisions- it was a relief to give up role of chief decision maker for a few days.

Here were my projects:

  • Project 1: The Basement
    Clear out our entire basement which meant 16 years of tax filings, old rugs and furniture, camera equipment and moldy books. This part of the project involved stepping on cockroaches (we both wore hiking boots!), loads of dust, and hauling boxes of books out into the light.
  • Result:
    Julia lugged 12 boxes of old tax filings up from the basement, checked them and then called a shredding company. She met the truck with me and we dumped the papers into the high-tech truck while we watched a video monitor for verification that all the documents were shredded.  We boxed valuable art books and I took them to book shops in Brooklyn where I ended up with some serious cash for them. We emptied bins and tubs, deciding which items needed to be discarded, donated or kept. We found cassettes, reams of brochures and my old journals and sorted, sorted, sorted. After days of dust, bugs and dirt, we had a clean and organized basement! To make sure our family kept up with the new system, we labeled areas of the basement so that our family could easily shelf items.

The shredding truck! Julia and the driver inspect the monitor to make sure it all goes down!

  • Project 2: The Closets
    Go through all our closets and donate or sell clothing, equipment and shoes.
  • Result:
    First we went through my clothing. We sorted the maternity clothing, out of style clothing, can’t-fit-in-it-anymore clothing and put them into piles. My vintage designer duds were taken off by Julia to be photographed for ebay and sold. Additionally, Julia bagged some clothing to take with her for a stoop sale she was doing with friends. She actually sat out on the stoop instead of me and sold my clothes and shoes. On another day, Julia and I pulled the children’s outgrown clothes out from under beds and shelves and organized them in groupings by size and style and then tagged them. I held a sale in our apartment and what didn’t sell, Julia bagged and donated. The sale went well and visitors loved that the clothes were bundled. Julia explained that the bundling eliminated leftover one or two pieces. I thought it was brilliant.  For the leftovers, Julia arranged for a pick up by St. Marys and put the bags out on the stoop.

My office with all the kids’ outgrown clothing. Yes, it’s a mess.

Here is how Genius Organizing bundled and tagged all the clothing for sale.

What a nice clear way to get clothes organized for donation pick up!

  • Project 3: The Camera Equipment
    In my former life I was a serious photographer (though not particularly good) and have loads of equipment from that time period as well great gear from my grandfathers and mother who were also in the biz.
  • Result:
    Julia and I went through the equipment with her assistant. Her assistant photographed each piece and then loaded them up to ebay. Julia sent me a check for over $900 for my stuff and I never had to touch it! Lovely!

List of items they sold for me at stoop sale and on ebay. This is ORGANIZED!

Julia was dying to help me go paperless and I would have let her but I was getting addicted to this organizing and I think my husband was beginning to think that Julia was living with us. I think I will go digital next time with her. I loved doing payments online with her and then getting paypal payments and electronic receipts from her as she sold my items on ebay.

So, here’s to a great Doodle Deal! Now is the time to bite the bullet and get started as the deal ends after this weekend. While you’re at- I would suggest buying one as a gift for a good friend. It’s the perfect “welcome baby”, “I love you!” and “you need help!” present. (They work in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, and Westchester County).