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Adoptee or Adoptive Parent Support Groups and Playgroups

December 20, 2011

Whether you are an adoptive parent or an adoptee, there is a playgroup and peer-support group called All Together Now (ATN), where you can gather, connect and share resources.  There is something for all ages: an adoption playgroup for 3-8 year olds, Tweens Peer-Support Group, Parent Group Discussions, and Volunteer Opportunity for Teens.

For 3-8 year-olds:
• 3–5 year olds: free and group play with a craft project each session.
• 6–8 year olds: free and organized group play, as well as an expressive discussion, which informs craft and play projects each session.

For Tweens:
The tweens group, a related but separate offshoot of ATN, offers children, 9-11, the opportunity to come together in a more mature setting with the aim of fostering personal relationships with other adoptees at similar developmental stages in their lives. The aim of the group is to provide a safe, secure, and fun environment that will embrace adoption issues, as they come up, through participation in a variety of age-appropriate activities. The tweens group is facilitated by Kacy Ames-Heron, LCSW, who is, herself, an adult adoptee. The fee is approximately $175 for the semester. Enrollment for the Spring is already closed, but will reopen in the Fall. More information can be obtained by contacting Fran at weinstockf@earthlink.net.

For Teens:

They have volunteer opportunities for teens to assist with playgroups. Community Service credit is available. Please contact Fran at weinstockf@earthlink.net for more information.

For Parents:
ATN runs a parallel parents group, which discusses adoption-related issues.  Adult Adoptee Liaison Liz Raleigh, PhD, is a key component of these discussions. A sociologist specializing in adoption-related issues, L