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Enter Your School For Chance to Win a $25,000 Intel Tech Package

November 21, 2011

We know that using technology in the classroom helps teachers and students be more resourceful and stay current in today’s environment. The problem is that most schools don’t have the access to the technology they need. Intel AppUp℠ center is trying to change that with its Wired to Learn contest. Intel is donating a $25,000 tech package to a school that garners the most online votes. And, if you aren’t the big kahuna winner? They are also giving away a $10,000 tech package to the second place school and a $5,000 award to the third place school as well as a raffled netbook giveaway weekly for those who register and vote.

I was amazed to see that the current winning school has just 700 votes. That means your entry has a excellent chance at winning! Just think: there are 602 students at PS 11 in Clinton Hill and if every one of the families voted and asked their friends to vote- that school would win! So, don’t hesitate to enter. Plus, as others who have entered their schools have said- it’s super easy to submit an application. Submit 500 words or less to explain why your school needs the tech package. The contest is open to both public and private K-12 schools.

What the winning school receives:
A $25,000 technology package, featuring industry-leading technology from Intel, exciting learning and teaching apps, and more.

Submit soon, because all the votes have to be in by December 4th. Before you enter, download the Intel AppUp center to register. Then start writing your story about a school that deserves a tech package.

How to Enter:

  • Get specific. In 500 words or less explain why your school needs the tech package. What unique needs does the school have?
  • Extra credit: take a picture or video of the school. No one under 18 in the photo, please.
  • Ask everyone to vote! Share the site with your friends. They have all the social media buttons on your school vote page, so they make it super easy.

The schools in the running for most votes! Go schools go!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was paid to write about the program but all editorial is mine.