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Where to get used ice skates in Brooklyn

November 9, 2011

Gliding on freshly zambonied ice, sipping hot chocolate at break time, spinning perfectly on point- well, now I am just dreaming. But what isn’t a dream is to find inexpensive ice skates in Brooklyn. Good Footing in Park Slope has new and used skates. (Used are mainly just available for children- as the store owner pointed out, “Adults don’t grow out of their skates.” Well, I did! Having kids doesn’t just make your tummy get bigger!)

For children: (new and used. $15 for used, new $29.95-$80)
For women: new ($50- $90)
For men: new ($100 for hockey and $140 for figure)
Sharpening is $8 per pair.
If you buy a new pair, they will sharpen them for free. (New skates have to be sharpened, as they don’t ship sharpened skates- it’s a liability- OW!)

**Bring in old skates for discount on new skates at 20% or swap old skates for old skates. (Your old skates have to be in usable, sellable shape though).

Good Footing

196 7th Ave (at 2nd Street)
Their store hours are Monday-Friday 11am-7:30pm, Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 11am-6:30pm.
All Major Credit Cards.

UPDATE: I went in for women’s figure skates: they have 3 brands. They have 2 very padded brands that you essentially can’t jump or spin in and then the traditional figure skate that you can do all those jumps and twirls. The price for the padded skates is $80 and the traditional ones are $85. They do run wider than the ubiquitous Ridell figure skate, so there is a difference if you are used to the very old figure skates.  Paragon is SOLD OUT of the Ridell’s in sizes 6.5 through 9. Bummer for me who has very narrow feet! I ended up buying new skates for myself at Wonderland Sports at Chelsea Piers. Great service. They also have a location near Dyker Heights as commenter Tracy mentioned below. (Thanks Tracy!)

Location of Good Footing

Location of Good Footing