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Brooklyn Family Band, the Dees, Teach History With Melody

November 2, 2011

The Deedle Deedle Dees (self-described as “America’s Ultimate Teaching Band”) are everything a family music band should be:  incredible musicians who compose wonderful, imaginative, catchy, heartfelt songs.  Their new CD, Strange Dees, Indeed, captures everything I love about the Dees.  Lloyd Miller (AKA Ulysses S. Dee) marches the troops through rap, rock, Klezmer music, and hot jazz while touching on such diverse topics as golems, the self-image of birds, Dead Horse Bay, and Mayor LaGuardia’s Stomach.

My favorite track on the CD is “a song for Abigail Adams” which is a beautiful love song sung from the perspective of John Adams.  The Dees stumble over fascinating little corners of history from which they write witty songs.  Like the famous band U2, they create narratives based on these historical characters and moments which teach you a bit of history without you immediately realizing it. This weekend you have an amazing opportunity to see them celebrate the release of their new CD at the Knitting Factory. Don’t miss it!

They also host SIX sing-alongs a week, all performed by Lloyd Miller (AKA Ulysses S. Dee). His singalongs are a longtime favorite of ours!

Weekly NYC sing-a-longs with Lloyd of the Deedle Deedle Dees

Waltz-Astoria, Astoria, Queens – 10:30am

Perch Cafe, Park Slope, Brooklyn – 10am
Moxie Spot, Brooklyn Heights – 11am

Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 11am

Dean Street Restaurant, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn – 10:30am

Play Kids, Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn – 10am

CD release details:
CD release at the Knitting Factory
Saturday at 11:00 am
Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel: (347) 529-6696