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50% Discount On My Fav Vitamins For My Fav Readers

November 9, 2011

Last year I wrote about my triumph in finding the perfect multivitamin for my children. Yes, some go on a quest to find themselves, but my 3 year quest was to find the ideal kid’s vitamin! SmartyPants gummy is an all-in-one vitamin that has BOTH the Omega-3s and 100% of recommended daily vitamins. Forget that sticky fish oil with that pungent after-taste. Ditch that Disneyfied vitamin dripping in high fructose corn syrup. SmartyPants gummies are delicious gumdrops that are good tasting and good for your kids (and I promise you, they will ask for more!)

After I wrote about SmartyPants, so many of you tried the vitamins (and kept buying!), that SmartyPants knows you are some of their most loyal customers. So, great news for us: they contacted me yesterday to give us all a 50% off discount on the Children’s Multivitamins. Woo hoo! Order your 3 month supply now- or, if you are new to the brand, this is a perfect opportunity to try them out.

The code is ACGB50 for 50% off. There is a limit in the amount for the discount (as with all good things): limit 3 single bottles or 1 three pack per customer.

For more info on SmartyPants Vitamins or to buy some, you can go here.