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Two Innovative Ways To Raise Funds For Schools, Those In Need

October 10, 2011

With so many people in need giving back is a great way to do your part and teach our children to help those less fortunate. We recently learned about two ways to support education and those in need of some of life’s basics.  We are really excited to have learned about Portrait Press Fundraising, a company started after a Brooklyn mom who was frustrated with the generic merchandise with school logos that were sold to raise money for the schools. She created a “class portrait” pillowcase and inspired by the success of that expanded to additionally print tea towels and tote bags on ec0-friendly materials. My kids love their train pillowcases- I can only imagine how thrilled they would be to sleep on their class drawings!

Another unique option to support schools is through a brand new company, YouGiveGoods.com. This site creates virtual drives where students, organizations and businesses can organize food, soup kitchen or animal drives online. These virtual drives allow people to purchase online exactly what they want to contribute to the drive, instead of driving to the store.

We love how both of these programs are proactive and fun for kids and allow them to learn that giving back isn’t simply about signing a check – these programs connect you to the issues to help to make and lasting  changes.

Portrait Press Fundraising

There have been drastic budget cut in the arts where many NYC public schools have little-to-no art and music programs. In order for these programs to flourish money is needed where many parents hold fundraisers like selling t-shirts or holding a bake sale. Brooklyn mom Monica Thurnauer was frustrated with the generic merchandise of school logos featured on t-shirts, water bottles, and mugs.  In an effort to do something more original and meaningful for the school community she put together a “class portrait” pillowcase and tea towel for the Christmas Fair. “These projects sold much better than all the other usual stuff because it had the kids’ art work on it and was adorable!” Thurnauer stated. The success of the fundraiser gave her the idea to Portrait Press Fundraising who mission is to offer a compelling, fun and creative way for schools to raise funds for their own community.

Through Portrait Press Fundraising parents can not only obtain instructions and tips on how to create these projects themselves but they can also apply for a grant to assist their own fundraising goals. In addition to funding fun art projects, Thurnauer is interested in a larger vision for Portrait Press to establish a grant to support the arts on a local and national level as well as to partner with organizations overseas that can help children go to school who normally wouldn’t be able to have an education.

To learn more about Portrait Press Fundraising, please click here. You can also contact Portrait Press via email at hello@portraitpressfundraising.com

Also, check out their innovative “How To” video on vimeo explaining how to make a Portrait Press fundraiser.

A food drive that YouGiveGoods supported to help the Birmingham, AL community devastated by the tornado’s in April.


YouGiveGoods.com, is a recently launched website offering a new way for people such as students (college, high school and middle school), businesses and organizations to organize and run food, soup kitchen and animal shelter drives. Created with the simple mission to “connect those who want to help with those who need it,” YouGiveGoods technology platform was used by the United Aid Foundation (NYC), a disaster relief organization, to generate and deliver over 200 cases of food to the Greater Birmingham Ministries Food Pantry via their “Tornado Relief Drive”. A month later, YouGiveGoods delivered another 200 cases of food to the Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief Effort on behalf of the United Aid Foundation.  The company is currently supporting  18 different drives and adding new drives at the rate of one per day.
This is a fantastic program that makes getting involved fun and easy – allowing you to know exactly where the items you purchased are going.  The company streamlines the process of a traditional drive.  You can set up drives or contribute to drives without ever having to leave your computer. This allows you to spread the word and raise funds via Facebook and Twitter. Through YouGiveGoods.com, people can organize drives and connect with more people, faster and more efficiently than ever before, to greatly increase their ability to have a direct impact on those in need.

To learn more, find a drive or start a drive, please click here.