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New Dad? Lace Up For Boot Camp

October 12, 2011

Have you ever noticed that dads get short shifted in the parenting section at the bookstore? For every 200 books on “how your life will dramatically change forever” that are written for moms, dads have one or two.  Dads have to learn how to navigate parenthood also and the lone few books aren’t cutting it.  A group of dads has stepped up to bridge the gap and support fathers in their new phase of life.

NYC Dads Group is a community of dads in NYC that arrange playdates and events so that at-home and other dads can socialize on a weekly basis. The group is debuting their brand new New Dad Bootcamp in Brooklyn this fall. This  bootcamp is not about learning pullups, pushups and running: it’s about learning diaper changing, swaddling and burping. It won’t be all physical, there will be discussion too!

Topics will include:
• Developing a bond a with your new baby • Being supportive of your baby’s mom • Navigating work as a new parent • Developing a parenting partnership • Creating a baby-safe environment • Managing relatives

Tribeca Parenting and Boot Camp for New Dads have paired up to do the launch and invited experienced dads to connect with new dads and talk genuinely about the journey of becoming a father.

The 3-hour workshop is facilitated by a trained member of the NYC Dads Group.

Boot Camps will be held from 10AM to 1PM at the following Tribeca Parenting locations:
October 29, 2011 – Park Slope
November 5, 2011 – Upper East Side
November 12, 2011 – Tribeca