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How Your Family Can Help Out at Occupy Wall Street

October 26, 2011

Last week, the post that got the most Facebook shares on the blog was on how families could sleep over to support the effort of Occupy Wall Street. What that says to me is that you all are moved by what is going on with the movement, want to educate your kids about it and want to find ways to get involved.

Some of us who wanted to do the sleep over couldn’t- for whatever reasons- so, when an email came through today describing an additional need for parents to help out at Occupy Wall Street- I knew some of you would be interested.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street need help in keeping Liberty Plaza clean and chill in order to maintain the occupancy of it. “If we can keep our houses and kids clean and calm, we can do it at Liberty Plaza.”

This is from the email:
Parents for Occupy Wall Street will not back down from the necessary occupation of Liberty Plaza and will therefore create a volunteer Community Watch Team to step up and address Community Board 1’s requests for a lower noise level and cleaner conditions in and around Liberty Plaza.

Last week 70 families slept in Liberty Plaza in peaceful support of Occupy Wall Street and were watched over by a volunteer security team. Based on the same idea, the Parents for Occupy Wall Street Community Watch Team will wear identifiable lime green shirts and walk through Liberty Plaza four times a day to address noise, sanitation and other issues brought forth by the Community Board 1.

We will work off of a list of requests brought forth by Occupy Wall Street and Community Board 1. Our Community Watch Team will be in full effect in five days.

We call on parents to volunteer their time to keep the occupation alive.

What is Parents for Occupy Wall Street?
Parents for Occupy Wall Street is a collective community of parents in support of Occupy Wall Street.

*I asked how families and kids could help together and she asked that you go to their Facebook Page or send an email to parents@everythingindependent.com- she said there are lots of opportunities.

And, one last thing- my FAVORITE comment this week from a reader who did the sleep over:

We attended and had a great experience. Whatever your political beliefs, I think it’s a vital example of free speech and ordinary people making a statement. My son was impressed, and for the first time ever was able to volunteer directly (not raising money for something, or making something to deliver…but actually handing food out to people directly) which made a huge impression. – Moira