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Crib bumpers: no longer recommended by AAP

October 19, 2011

Not surprisingly, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced yesterday at their national meeting in Boston, that bumper pads should not be used in cribs. Rumors have been circulating that this announcement was imminent.  Why now?

Previously, the AAP had warned only against the use of “puffy bumpers”, buy now they suggest not using all kinds of bumper pads. Why? They have found that the pads don’t prevent injuries as previously thought, but can cause suffocation, strangulation and entrapment.

In addition, the AAP updated their list of recommendations to prevent SIDS.

  • Put your baby to sleep in its back on a firm surface
  • Don’t put your baby to sleep in the same bed as parents.
  • Breastfeeding and pacifier use can reduce the risk of SIDs.  A pacifier may prevent a baby sleeping too deeply and therefore possibly prevent SIDS.
  • Don’t use wedges or positioners (the FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned against sleep positioners, saying that there is a risk of suffocation)
  • No loose bedding- pillows, blankets and bumper pads.
  • Pregnant women should not smoke.
  • Encourage daily tummy time.
  • Don’t cover your baby’s head and avoid overheating

I wonder what this will do to all that lovely crib bedding out there, whether new or used? Will it no longer be manufactured? Can we repurpose the old into something else…room padding? pipe padding?!