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Want To Join A Babysitting Co-Op? We’ll Tell You How

September 21, 2011

Do you want to meet other parents, have a date night and make playdates for your children? Join a babysitting co-op! The parents of the 1970’s had it right when they realized that instead of paying for babysitters, they could pay “in kind” for a swinging night out with their partner.

Times have changed, but there are still babysitting co-ops everywhere and very much alive in Brooklyn!

I am hosting a meetup on “How To Start A Babysitting Co-op” where I will give you all the pointers on how to start a babysitting co-op and hopefully, you will find like-minded parents right then and there to start your own.

Lauren, the owner of the lovely Bija Kids yoga classes and camps thought it would be fun to do it in her studio so that there’s enough space for everyone to hear, meet and play while I give you some pointers. In other words, children are welcome.

Starting a babysitting co-op can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know enough parents to get one going. But…check out what one can do for you.

a.    Nighttime sits.
b.    Daytime/playdate sits esp for freelancers or SAHP or emergencies.
c.    Emergency sits (use Yahoo Group or phone in addition).
d.    Weekly swaps with one family.
e.    New baby. Playdates for older kid, social & relief time for you.
f.    Babysitting party- night out for parents.
g.    Airport rides.
h.    House sits.
i.    Pet sits.
j.    Sleepovers. You get a night away!
k.    Meal swaps.
l.    Last minute sits. Put a call out that you are free.
m.    Socialization for your kids
n.    Community of parents for you and for your children

Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

A few babysitting co-ops were formed at the last Meetup (2 in Greenpoint alone, 1 in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill and 1 in Park Slope), so I’m hoping we will continue that tradition.

The biggest bonus: the possibility of lifelong friendships and all that help through a co-op! So exciting.

*If you want the handout I give to everyone about “How to Start a Babysitting Co-op” then sign up for A Child Grows in Brooklyn Meetup Group and go to the Files section of our Meetup and download the Word document. You do have to be a parent in Brooklyn however!

I have written about “How to Start a Babysitting Co-op” many times on the blog too, here is my latest post on the subject.

The event is FREE, you just need to RSVP as we have limited space.

Yes! Bring babies, kids and partners!