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Happy Jewish New Year; Resolutions and Family Fun

September 29, 2011

I know I simply can’t fathom that another year is already underway… I look at my ten-year-old daughter; the red-headed tween who has somehow grown to the point where the top of her head currently reaches the small of my neck who has somehow perfected her tween scowl- to a tee- and I wonder- WHERE the heck did the time go?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was staring up at me with her cobalt blue eyes and that shiny tuft of red hair- in an almost worship-like gaze hanging on my every last word and assuring me that she would be my forever best girl? What happened to that adoration that has seemingly evaporated and been replaced by wiping off my kisses and statements like; ” Mommy I really need a cell phone?” HUH?!

Well like it or not- I am still going to bowl my ten-year-old over with public displays of affection (still permitted by my six-year-old son-who has ASSURED me that he will ALWAYS let me hug him even in public) and am going to get into bed with her at night and snuggle, even if she stiffens her body up like an iron board and tells me she’s too old to cuddle with me.

This New year if you are looking for a cheat sheet to everything you every needed to know but were afraid to ask about Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) check out these VERY easy to read CHABAD articles which will help you enjoy those apples dipped in honey that much more- because you’ll get a sense of the meaning behind that ritual and so many others! http://www.chabad.org/holidays/jewishnewyear/default_cdo/jewish/High-Holidays.htm

Another great resource is this ebook from The National Jewish Outreach Program with an article by one of my favorite mamas Esti Berkowitz

So what are some of your 2011 New year’s resolutions (and you don’t need to be Jewish to comment!?)

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