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Freebrook Academy: A New Progressive School in Bedford-Stuyvesant

August 16, 2011


Freebrook Academy, a new progressive school for grades K -12 recently opened in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Don’t you love the building? It looks gorgeous from the photos. So, what happens inside?!

Freebrook Academy is divided into two sections. The first is K – 6th grade or the “lower school”. The second is the “upper school”, which includes 7th – 12th grade. Additionally, at Freebrook each grade is combined with at least other grade. Kids work within the community by creating murals, collecting and sharing data, creating a youtube campaign, or leading a community meeting. Freebrook also believes that learning goes beyond the textbook and grades, and focuses on personal experiences and community development.

The school focuses on a curriculum that is based on enriching a students understanding of their community and culture as they ask students to “challenge injustices, think independently and critically, develop their talents, love learning, and become innovative adults.” By taking a progressive and community-based approach, students at Freebrook have an active role in the operation of the school and the creation of their shared school experiences. For example, students can propose change in the school, lead meetings, teach electives, etc. Additionally, teachers acts as facilitators where they support student learning through student direction, student exploration, and sensory/experience based learning.

In order to apply, families must first support the Freebrook philosophy. Students are admitted on a rolling basis for grades K – 7 based on personal interviews, application materials, and the order in which the application was received. They school accepts, but they do not require test scores.  To apply, download the application and return it to Freebrook Academy Main Office at 792 Jefferson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221. The application fee ($15) should be in the form of check or money order and made out to Freebrook.


Learn more about the Freebrook mission, curriculum, and application process.

The information sessions will take place on the following dates at 6pm.

Friday, August 19th

Saturday, August 27th