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Alternatives to Teflon

August 21, 2011

My husband decided TODAY to throw away our teflon pan and roasting rack, both of which had flecks of teflon missing. Duh, why hadn’t we done this before?  It’s amazing to me that I can be neurotic about buying organic apples and then let a deteriorating Teflon pan go by… month after month. Courtney from Baby Bodyguards has found an alternative to Teflon, and loves it!

The Green-Pan, A Solution to Safer Cooking and a Healthy Planet  by Baby Bodyguards

I received a full set of Teflon pots and pans when I got married a few years ago. We cook everyday and I started noticing pieces of the Teflon coating coming off. I immediately threw my pots and pans to the wind, because it doesn’t take a scientist to infer that eating Teflon is probably a bad idea.

Lauren Sucher, of the Environmental Working Group, a Washington, D. C., organization that compiles data on toxicology, recommends that people phase out the use of Teflon cookware in their home. Chemicals used in Teflon have been shown to be lethal to birds, and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. In 2005, the EPA said a chemical (PFOA) used to make Teflon is “likely a carcinogen” and in January 2006, DuPont, the only company that manufactures the chemical in the US, agreed to eliminate releases of the chemical from its manufacturing plants by 2015.

So, what are the alternatives?

Stainless steel is a great alternative, but I don’t have the time or elbow grease needed to be scrubbing those bad boys. Cast Iron is also a winner, but it requires some maintenance, (aka seasoning to last), and it is not dishwasher safe.  After a lot of research, I came across the Green-Pan and I had to try it.

Green-Pan is the first Teflon free non-stick pan. Using something called Thermolon technology, they’ve made a non-stick mineral coating that is food-safe, and won’t be damaged or emit nasty fumes, even at super high temperatures. It can resist heat up to 850 degrees, and you never need to use butter or oil to coat the pan, which is great for the waistline. I have used it several times and nothing sticks to it! It also doesn’t hurt that their cookware is attractive and affordable.

(This is Karen here: we have stainless steel and cast iron. First, to clean stainless steel, I use my pot scraper. I LOVE this thing- it makes cleaning everything a cinch. There is a new “green” bamboo pot scraper out there that you can buy. As far as cast iron, I swear food tastes better in it. Some people don’t like them as they are soooo heavy and you aren’t supposed to use soap to clean them and that grosses people out. I admit to using soap once in a while, but don’t tell Papa Tree. He depends on the seasoning of the cast iron to make his lamb taste good).

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