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The must-have summer sunglasses for kids

July 21, 2011

This is a future rockster and diva!

One of the benefits of living in an urban setting like NYC is we get to see what’s cool first- whether it’s in the streets or in the stores. I can tell you that my 5 year old thinks that’s pretty “wosa, dude.”

Earlier this summer he was physched to have the new Mater sunglasses, in honor of the then-upcoming Cars 2 movie. A mere month later, he has moved on to more sophisticated specs: Babiators. Like Aviators- those ubiquitous sunglasses so popular in the 80’s- the flattering frame style is back for starlets like Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts and…..

our little stars too. Check out these babies and kids who rock the aviator style just as much as the celebrities!

Don't you wish you were in their playgroup?

My son cops an attitude about matching the Sol Lewitt subway poster with his shirt and Babiators

Who is this stylish track-suit wearing golfer?!

Lounging in a onesie with his Babiators

Babiators aren’t just fashion hype, they are around to stay. Made of flexible rubber, they won’t snap, crack or break like the other pairs of kids’ sunglasses you have kicking around. They are sized to fit small faces with petite nose bridges so they won’t fall off easily. The rubber is BPA free so you don’t have to worry if they become the chew toy for your baby.  With 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, they are the must-have summer item for tots everywhere.

Snatch them up in black, pink, blue or red in two sizes: ages 1-3 years or 3 years plus. For $20 each, they might be a bit more expensive than the character sunglasses out there but they will last longer. My daughter already lost her pink pair, so we are in the market for a replacement and I’m not even thinking twice about it. They are worth every penny for the protection, fit and style.

You can order a pair online at Babiators.com.

Here’s a discount code:

**** Babiators is offering special mid-summer pricing on their Rockstar Red and Blue Angels Blue Babiators thru until August 1st. To take advantage of this AWESOME deal, simply enter code MIDSUMMER at check out!

Disclosure: I received 2 pairs of Babyiators to try out on my children.