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Small Victory for the DDDB in the Atlantic Yards Debacle

July 14, 2011

A small, but much-needed victory was awarded to Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB), an organization against the Atlantic Yards project. Finally, some headway was made in a very long battle where the peoples’ voices have been neglected. (Did I say that we are totally against this project?)  The Atlantic Yards plan, according to the DDDB was never clear in its phases and how its results would affect the community due to the demolition of the neighborhood with its new building and parking lots.

But the Supreme Court recently ruled that there is a way out of this mess – presenting an opportunity for Governor Cuomo and his Empire State
Development Corporation (ESDC) to fix the issues. Judge Friedman ruled that the “ESDC failed to evaluate the impact of extensive delays, at least 25 years” and that the “ESDC’s use of the 10 year build date in approving the 2009 Modified General Project Plan (MGPP) lacked a rational basis.” She also ordered that the state conduct a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Phase II and a new environmental review that would include an analysis of MGPP through extensive research and public hearings to not only address the arena but the community’s needs and concerns as well. Friedman also noted that issues like parking would linger for generations on the site.

Members of the DDDB were very pleased about the ruling. Jeffrey S. Baker, the DDDB attorney stated, “It’s time for Governor Cuomo to assert control over the ESDC and the project site and require a complete reassessment of the Atlantic Yards project.” Adding, “We call on Governor Cuomo to ensure that the ESDC do an honest, unbiased analysis of the redevelopment of Atlantic Yards and consider a project that truly provides affordable housing, public opens space and meaningful benefits in a timely and financially feasible manner,” DDDB’s Legal Director Candace Carponter stated.

May the small victories keep piling up to create one big victory!