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School News: Nursery School, PreK and Kindergarten Talks

July 3, 2011

Joyce Szuflita, school consultant of NYC School Help and our School Expert, is always on top of what is going on within the NYC school system. Join her this week for an informative discussion entitled “Intro to Nursery School,” which will include a discussion about the differences between private preschools and independent schools. She also leads another discussion entitled “Intro to Public School: PreK and Kindergarten to help clear up any confusion about the public pre-k and kindergarten process as well as discuss charter and magnet schools. Both are not-to-be missed events for Brooklyn families.

Wed. July 6 and Thurs. August 11
Intro to Nursery School
This talk is good for families who are starting the preschool search and are trying to figure out how to choose private preschools as well as independent schools (private schools that begin at three years and continue through middle school or high school). The talk will include a discussion about nursery school philosophies, what to look for on a tour and what you need to know to keep the search under control and in perspective. Note: Joyce won’t be discussing individual schools at this event and it doesn’t include information on the Public Prek process.
$25 for an individual / $40 for a family when you buy your ticket online. Additional $5/per person when you pay at the door, but call (718) 781-1928 to make sure that there is room. For additional information and tickets, please click here.

Thurs. July 7 and Tues. Aug. 9
Intro to Public School: PreK and Kindergarten
If you are confused about the difference between charter schools, magnet schools and dual language or unzoned programs and what is up with district-wide vs. city-wide gifted and talented or public prekindergarten, this may be the talk for you. This will also include a discussion on what and when you need to know, what to do when things go wrong and strategies and common practices, including the “the 5 things to do to keep from turning prematurely grey.” Note: Joyce won’t discuss individual schools, but you will come away armed with lots of information to begin your school search with confidence. There will also be lots of time for questions & answers.
$25 per person / $40 for families if you buy tickets online. For additional information and tickets, please click here.