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Spotted: Prom night in Cobble Hill

June 29, 2011

Prom in the backyard of a Cobble Hill home

“Spotted!”, our biweekly photo look at a family by Justine Cooper  , features families that personify a unique look in both who they are and how they live. If you are interested in being photographed for this segment, please email us. This week, Justine is highlighting Alice Kaltman of Family Matters NY, ACGIB contributor and parenting expert, and her daughter Noa- at her senior prom!

From Justine:

I was really thrilled when Alice (the mother) invited me to Noa’s pre-prom getting ready party.  I’ve always been captivated by the rite of passage the senior prom represents. It’s got some of the pageantry from days of yore, but also is such an emotional moment for the prom-goers and their parents. With a toddler and a 5 year old, it seems so far away, but is it really?!

Alice helps Noa with her necklace. After considering more bling-bling options, Noa decided to borrow Alice’s simple pearl pendant, much to Alice’s relief. Alice said, “Perhaps this is a sign to all stressed out parents of young ones that kids do take in our influences. They tend to come around eventually, adopting our morals AND our style sensibilities!”. Moms were there in full force to help with hair and makeup, and accessorizing. Some daughters had even raided their mom’s closet for a dramatic dress to wear.
Upstairs news has just come in that their un-airconditioned stretch humvee has been upgraded to an AC loaded party bus!
Dates wait downstairs, getting ready to give and receive corsages.
The parent paparazzi admires the finished product. Alice clearly savoring the moment, chooses a beer over a camera. “All those corny things you’ve heard are true,” said Alice. “Savor the moments of parenting now, because it all goes incredibly fast. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Be present and emotionally available to your kids now and forever. If you do, someday you will also be gazing up a stairway, or on a stage, or across a room with the same looks of pride and wonder you see here with us veterans!”
The full array of silk, taffeta, organza, tulle and ruffles on display.

Justine Cooper
, our “Spotted!” photographer, loves capturing babies and families so much, she made a career out of it. Originally trained as a photojournalist, she also has a Masters in Fine Art. She splits her time between creating work for galleries and shooting families in the New York area. She lives with her husband and two children in Brooklyn. Her portrait work can be seen at www.justinecooperphotography.com. Justine was voted “Brooklyn’s Best Family Photographer” by Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect.