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The best craft nights for parents in NYC

May 3, 2011

An Etsy Lab night

It’s not uncommon for us parents to wistfully admire our kids’ crafts. It can stir our own craft-making desires. Wouldn’t you like to make a handmade book, silkscreened print or even to grow a fledgling seedling? If you are excited about using your fingers for something other than typing or texting, adult crafts’ nights might be just your bag.

These craft nights are made just for adults so that you can focus on a specific project, enjoy the company of your peers, and walk away feeling your creative mind freed.

Moomah hosts a Mom’s Night Out the first Tuesday night 7pm-9pm of every month. It truly is a night out: while crafting, enjoy all-you-can-sip wines and snack on their signature appetizers (included in the cost of the workshop.) Every month they  host a different parenting specialist offer to advice and answer questions in a relaxed and casual setting.
This month (May 3) they will be taking on “Quilted Collage”, an embroidery technique using an assortment of fabrics.  Youll be given a 12×12 linen canvas, fabrics and embroidery thread to create something gorgeous for you or someone else.  Moomah’s own artists will be on hand to help you along the way.  The parenting expert will be Dr. Anne Marie Albano, child psychologist and director of Cucard at Columbia Univerisity.
May 3rd: 7-9 pm: Quilted Collage Workshop: $65
June 7th: 7-9 pm: Basics of Felting Workshop
July 5th: 7-9 pm: Beach Bag Block Printing
August 2nd: 7-9 pm: Keepsake Shadow Box II
RSVP their website.
161 Hudson Street — Downtown Tribeca
(between Laight and Hubert Streets)
New York NY 10013
Tel 212 226 034

Etsy Labs
The Etsy Labs is a gathering place for crafters of all skills that meet in Brooklyn.  They do operate in sync with that fabulous gallery of handmade sellers, Etsy.com.  This is a peer teaching group where your expert peers tell you the skills and information you need for crafting and making a living doing so.
5/09: 5th Annual Cupcake Craft Night
5/16: Build Your Own Hydroponic Planter Craft Night
5/23: Open Craft Night
5/30: Craft Night Cancelled for Memorial Day
Etsy Labs
55 Washington Street, Suite 712  (7th floor)
Brooklyn, New York, 11201
RSVP here.


Spacecraft is a craft-making and supply boutique located on the South side of Williamsburg. You can either take a class by a local artist or just walk in and choose a craft to do with their supplies and instruction. Both children and adults can do the  daily, walk-in crafting projects. Some of their projects and classes include the upcoming “make a Mom book”, “Sewing Rebellion” and walk-in crafts you can do range from making rubber stamps to fashioning your own headband.
See their website.

355 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
RSVP here.

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