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Deal: SmartyPants all-in-one multi with fish oil

May 26, 2011

Last winter I was sent these new multi-vitamins with fish oil by SmartyPants. Investigation is what I love to do and so on a freezing February day, I hunkered down with the SmartyPants multis, my own vitamin bottles, the internet and some tea (fortification). For four years I have been feeding my children both a Nordic Berries Multi and a spoonful of Nordic fish oil every morning. I felt good about that brand and its quality control. However, my youngest was rejecting the fish oil taste even when I hid it in yogurt.  In addition, it was pricey to buy both supplements (and I’m not even going to mention the sticky fish oil bottle).  Suffice to say, that I was interested in trying something new. And that meant checking into this gummy vitamin that had both the multi and fish oil combined in one yummy looking gumdrop.

The upshot of my research:

  • SmartyPants has HALF the amount of sugar, calories, carbohydrates and sodium and  MORE Fish Oil and Om-3 Fatty Acids than the combination of both the Nordics.
  • They are HALF the price of buying both Nordics and even better: for every bottle you buy, the company makes a 1 for 1 matching nutrient grant to a child in need (and mothers to be) through their partnership with Vitamin Angels.
  • Just like Nordic, their fish source is 3rd party tested to ensure no heavy metals are in their vitamins.
  • And for the taste? They are super good. So good that no one forgets to ask for them at breakfast.

All in all, I converted us over to SmartyPants and I’m happy to report that 4 months later, no one has tired of the taste.  I eat the adult dosage of 6 a day and believe me, each of those 6 are savored. (I should also admit I am on Weight Watchers, so they are truly my turkish delight).

Deal for our readers:
Buy SP
before June 1 and not only we will they make their matching grant for children in need, but you will get 15% 20% off when you buy direct with ACHILD20.

For more info on SmartyPants Vitamins or to buy some, you can go here.

More from others:

“All-in-one SmartyPants has the real stuff…and takes the busywork out of raising healthy kids!”

On top of the eco-friendly omega sources, SP doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup and instead opts for just 5g of organic cane sugar.

How SmartyPants stacks up against other supplements:
If you want to see my own home-grown chart comparison between the Nordic Naturals we ate and the SmartyPants, you can see it here.
Disclosure: I received payment to review SmartyPants vitamins, but my review and opinion are strictly and genuinely mine.