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A popular Summer Camp- powered by girls! Curious Jane

April 27, 2011

Did you know that girls fall behind boys in both science and math as they progress through school? We need girl power! What’s girl power? Simply put, it’s giving girls the tools to achieve.  One Brooklyn mom has found a successful way to do that with Curious Jane Camps. For the last three years she has helped girls be creative and engaged in activities so that they can take on challenges, grow and soar. Think of it as your best gal with wings…

The founder of Curious Jane , Samantha Razook, is a mother of two girls who wanted to provide her girls, and all girls, a chance to be creative and inventive in a high-energy, collaborative and gender-affirming space. To that end, she created a camp where girls can explore design, writing, science and engineering.  Your 3rd grade through 6th grade girls can learn how to build skyscrapers, a geodesic dome, build functioning robots and make sea-creature lamps.  At Curious Jane Junior, your K-2nd grader will love making scuttle-bugs in Toy Design, fashion together a magazine or create a bug habitat!

Girls choose from such cool themes like Toy Design, Lab Science, Buildings, Story Arts, Animals, DIY Fashion, Robotics and Zine. Each class is hands-on and project based. (Just check out those girls in the Science Slime photo below. Tell me that isn’t hands-on!) All themes are offered all weeks, so there’s no danger in missing out!

While playfulness is just being recognized as being crucial to creative thinking, Samantha has been working on that with her campers for the past three years. As a recipient of two design degrees from Yale and Pratt, Samantha knows all about creative thinking. Forget making any old robot with electric circuitry- how about one that is solar powered!?

Curious Jane has created a buzz among parents and that means one of her camp locations has already sold out. In response, she has opened up a few other locations to meet the demand.  The Berkeley Carroll (Park Slope) location has filled up, but they’ve added very affordable busing to Poly Prep (June 13 – July 22), a new Clinton Hill location at Brooklyn Free School (July 5 – 22) and a one-week Toy Design session at the International School of Brooklyn. They also have Manhattan programs.
If you can’t make it to one of their summer camps, they also run after-school and weekend classes and contribute projects to Momfilter.com’s Kid DIY section (definitely try these at home). Their blog, “Powered by Girls” also has projects, materials resources, and fun ideas for your girls. Check out their “Marble Run” projects– both mini and mega!

Samantha and Jen are very accessible – they’re always who you’ll find at the other end of the phone or email. This weekend they are sharing a project at BBG’s Cherry Blossom Festival – come out and meet them!

With all these budding scientists, engineers and artists, we are bound to have more girl power! The next time that government report comes out, maybe it will say, “girls equal boys in math and science.”

Curious Jane
Tuition varies by location
Camp runs from 9-3:30 pm but after camp is available until 5:30 pm.

Here are some testimonials about the camp from their site:

My daughter, seriously, has not like any other camps and I have tried all kinds. She ran home skipping saying “I LOVE my camp.” Please do this again next summer!! – Alice (parent)

I liked Curious Jane because we got to do a lot of things that had to do with animals that you don’t usually get to do, and you got to hang out with other girls, I liked that part the most. And I loved our counselors! – Emily (camper)

It’s easiest to quote my daughter’s words exactly: Best Camp in the Universe, Greatest Teachers Ever! We have been so very happy with everything, from the fun projects to the super smart, sweet teachers. In fact, she asked to stay for after-camp because she was enjoying herself so much. It has been – hands down – the best camp experience ever! So inspiring and I know she felt safe just to be herself. Thanks a million; it really meant so much for all of us. We’re looking forward to next summer! – Rikke (parent)



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but the editorial is mine.