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Parenting Talks for new and experienced parents

February 14, 2011

Bundle up and attend one or  four Parenting Talks by one of this blog’s Parent Coaches, Alice Kaltman from Family Matters NY.
The first one is for expecting parents- (don’t get freaked out by the title- it’s all good!): New Parenthood: The End of the World as You Know It.
And parents of older kids:
March: Playdate Politics and Peer Smarts (for parents of toddlers and school aged kids),
April: The Importance of Fathers(for parents of any age),
May: Sibling Survival (for parents of any combo of ages).
Details: Prema Yoga is at 236 Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 340-3607. Register by emailing info@premayoganyc.com