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Indoor Rock Climbing Places For Kids in Brooklyn

February 10, 2011

Birch at Brooklyn Boulders- not sure why he is pointing his leg like this- but he does love this place!

Kids love to climb and tumble and fall all over the place. Luckily there are tons of indoor venues in Brooklyn where your child can run free and bounce off the walls – instead of doing so in your apartment. Here are some venues to rock climb, explore and go wild in Brooklyn. If you have reviews about any of these places, let us know- which ones do you like?

Aviator Sports and Events Center
Considered one of the tallest climbing spaces in NYC, Aviator Sports and Events Center features a 35-foot wall where kids 5 and up can enjoy an open climb, climbing class or a private lesson. Pricing is determined by number of climbs (eg. 2 climbs are $10/per person, a day pass is $18/per person, private lessons for $75/hour and shoe rentals are $5/per person). The center also features a public skating rink, a basketball court, flight simulator, euro bungee, and a gymnastics center. The facility also has lockers and a restaurant.
Details: The Aviator Sports and Events Center is located at Floyd Bennett Field – 3159 Flatbush Ave. For additional information, please call (718) 758-7500 or visit: http://www.aviatorsports.com/

Brooklyn Boulders
As New York City’s only fully dedicated rock climbing gym, Brooklyn Boulders is the ultimate destination for everything climbing. The space contains 18,000 square feet of climbing surface where you and your kids (age 4 and older) can take a class like their popular Learn the Ropes or enjoy an open climb each weekday from 4 to 5:30pm (under the supervision of a BB staff member). Kids can also have their birthday party and parents can take a yoga class at the gym.
Details: Brooklyn Boulders
is Sunday 11am – 11pm; Monday 11am – 11pm; Tuesday 9am – 11pm; Wednesday 11am – 11pm; Thursday 9am – 11pm; Friday 11am – Midnight and Saturday 11am – Midnight. It is located at 575 Degraw St., (Corner of 3rd Ave. and Degraw St.). For additional information, please visit: http://brooklynboulders.com/prices/

Powerplay Recreational Center
Featuring a “Junior” wall designed for children 4-6 years old, Powerplay is also a great rock-climbing venue for older kids and teens. The play space also features fun classes such as tennis, mini-golf, and rock climbing and two separate climbing walls. They offer an open climb session and adult classes like tumbling and trampoline. Classes are generally $150 for 11 climbs (members) and $165 for 11 climbs (nonmembers). The center also has a summer gymnastics program, afterschool program that includes activities and homework help, and indoor play ($10 for a 2-Hour Play Session).
Details: Powerplay Recreational Center
is located at 432 Third Avenue. For additional information, please call (718) 369-9880 or visit: http://www.powerplaykids.com/rock-climbing/

Klub 4 Kidz
Klub 4 Kidz is an amazing new Brooklyn play space that has everything from rock climbing to a toddler area and a spacious playground. Kids 3 and up can freely climb the 18-foot high wall with a day pass (one kid is $12 and two kids are $20). There is also a playground and rock climbing combo pass for $20 per kid/per day or a toddler area pass (kids under 3). Klub 4 Kidz also offers birthday parties, art classes, and features fun events like free airbrush tattoos or family brunch.
Details: Klub 4 Kidz
is located at 159 North 4th St, Brooklyn. For additional information, please visit: http://www.klub4kidz.com/