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$20 tickets for theater this week only- and Angelina Ballerina Giveaway!

February 2, 2011

In the last few years, I have gotten to know the kids’ theaters like the back of my hand (this one has boosters, this one has stroller valet, that one has tiny bathrooms, that one you should buy seats last minute). Ask me anything about adult theater and I would be stumped. I’m not sure that’s good for my social life- when was the last time you went to a dinner party and talked about kids’ theater? I will tell you though, at the home dinner table, we DO rehash plots, songs and morals…and I embrace it!

Here’s your chance to catch up on shows you may have missed or get a peek at the best ones out there…all for $20 per person! Through February 6, 2011, tickets for all 20at20 shows are only $20, starting 20 minutes before show time. Just go to the box office of the show you want to see 20 minutes before it begins and say, “20at20” and you’ll get your ticket!

Of course you’re worried (like me) that you’ll shlep down there and the production you want to be will be sold out. I have to tell you, that’s very unlikely. Most of these shows never sell out (don’t kill me though if you happen to go and it is).

Here’s advice to guarantee that you will see a show even IF one happens to (remember, unlikely!), sell out: Trek down to Union Square and you have 3 shows all in close proximity. Check out either Dear Edwina (a repeat favorite of mine- adore it), Freckleface Strawberry (haven’t seen) or The Gazillion Bubble Show (loved it’s trippy, campy fun- but only for kids 4 years and above IMO).

If you are looking for something else: head to Angelina Ballerina The Musical (definitely recommend- voices are great, story predictable but good), The Little Mermaid or Stomp.

Of course, if what you are really looking for is a date night out- you can get the same deal for productions like The Fantastiks, Fuerza Bruta, Molly Sweeny and more.

For a full list of shows see www.20at20.com.

What you win: A family pack of tickets to Angelina Ballerina The Musical anytime!
How to enter: Tell us WHY you want to go!  Just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. (You can enter as many times as you like.)
Notification: The winner will be picked through a random number generator (random.org) and will be announced on on our Facebook page on Tuesday, February 8th. Check back!
 If you don’t win the tickets, Angelina Ballerina The Musical is one I recommend splurging for tickets. You can buy tickets in advance on their website.