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A painting cooperative that you can get behind: Color Me

January 12, 2011

Color Me! gals in front of one of their freshly painted walls (like that yellow!)

You’ve heard of a preschool cooperative, a babysitting cooperative and now there’s something different….. a painting cooperative. No, it’s not one you can join for help in getting your apartment painted.  It’s one you hire.

Color Me! is an interior painting cooperative owned by and made up of women. Each member owns a bit of the business and in turn, takes pride in watching it grow through good service and happy clients..which is why this model works. I’ve seen it succeed in Brooklyn with both housecleaning and childcare cooperatives.  It allows women a safe workplace environment where they receive training and a support system, all while building a business. It’s such a cool thing!

Wondering how skilled they are? All of the Color Me! members are educated in the how to properly prepare and paint a location and they also get EPA lead training.  Additionally, they are schooled in collaborating with a client to help them find the right colors and paint brands.  Since every woman in the coop has a stake in how your paint job turns out- you can bet that they will do it right.

Though I have never used their services, I have a few friends who use their sister housecleaning cooperative and have for a couple of years. The Center for Family Life in Sunset Park has partnered with these cooperatives (painting, catering and cooking lessons, housecleaning and babysitting) to help them succeed. It’s a fabulous collaboration that seems to be a winning situation for everyone.

You can see the Color Me! members prepping a couple of projects and their final work on their flickr page.

Color Me! cooperative members

Disclosure: this is a business that will be a paid listing in our upcoming Directory.