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Best places to sled in Brooklyn and NYC

December 27, 2010

As of 9:30 am this morning, the snow finally stopped falling in Brooklyn and the sun is out. That means it’s prime sledding time! Whoo hoo!!!! I can’t wait to get out our new sled and run it down the hills of Ft. Greene park.

Here are some of the best sledding hills:


  • Pilgrim Hill in Central Park (5th Ave and 72nd Street)
  • Riverside Park on the Upper West Side (beware of “Suicide Park” at Riverside Dive and 91st Street- it’s meant for adults and older kids). Instead head to Riverside Drive and 103rd Street.


Fort Greene/Clinton Hill:

  1. Fort Greene Park
    There are about 4 sides to the hill so it never gets crowded. The steepest, less crowded area is at the top of the hill by the monument. If you head to the back part of the hill that leads down to Myrtle Ave you will find less crowds- and a much steeper ride. You might even find some snowboarders there.
    By Public Transportation:  Subways: C to Lafayette, G to Fulton, R,Q, B to DeKalb Avenue,  2, 3,4, 5, D, N to Atlantic Avenue. Buses: B38, B52, B25, B26. Sleds are usually available at the dollar store on Myrtle Ave.

Park Slope:

  1. The Nethermead- Picnic House area
    This favored location in Prospect Park has great sledding hills and can get crowded. The best hills are next to the picnic house. For the hills by the picnic house, enter at Prospect Park West and 3rd Streets and head southwest along West Drive. 
    By Public Transportation
    : (MTA map) • F Train to 15th St./Prospect Park station • 2 or 3 Train to Grand Army Plaza station • B-68, B-69 or B-75 Buses to Prospect Park West and 9th St.
  2. The Long Meadow Slope– Tennis House Area
    This nice hill, next to the tennis house is a popular spot. Head to 9th Street, off of Prospect Park West, then walk towards the interior of the park and cross West Drive to the Long Meadow.
    By Public Transportation : (MTA map) • F Train to 7th Ave station or 15th St./Prospect Park station • 2 or 3 Train to Grand Army Plaza station • B-68, B-69 or B-75 Buses to Prospect Park West and 9th St.
  3. Vanderbilt Playground
    The sledding hill is across from the playground and right above the lake. It isn’t too steep or crowded. Head to Prospect Park Southwest and Vanderbilt, and head towards Prospect Park Lake. This location is right off of Prospect Park Southwest, so it’s good for little ones as it’s not too far of a hike into the park.
    By Public Transportation : F Train to 7th Ave. Station or the 2 or 3 to Grand Army Plaza Station.
  4. Maryland Monument
    Enter at Prospect Park Southwest and 16th Street and proceed across to Wellhouse Drive. The slope is by the bridge and is pretty steep. It’s better for school aged kids. There are stairs there to aid in climbing the slope.

Sunset Park:

  1. Sunset Park
    This hill is not long, but relatively steep. It’s not overcrowded and if you need a sled, you can buy one at the hardware store across the street.  The hill is easily climbable for a 4 year old. You might find some kids snowboarding down the hill even.
    Enter at 41st/44th Street and 5th Ave.
    By Public Transportation
    : R to 45th, N/D to 36th, B63 to 42nd.


Bay Ridge:

  1. Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge.
    Head to Shore Parkway, Shore Road, Colonial Road and 68 Street.  MAP
  2. There is a hill at Shore Rd and 97th.
    Enter from 97th and go right down the ramp and you will see a big hill. It may be somewhat steep for young kids.

Brooklyn Heights:

  1. The dog park by Harry Chapin Playground is a great spot with a nice slope.
    Head to Columbia Heights between Cranberry and Middagh Streets. You can buy a sled at the hardware store on Court/Livingston. MAP

Don’t have a sled?

Try these quickie makeshift sleds to make your kids scream with delight:

  • A metal garbage can lid turned over
  • Find an old tire (you can buy them from tire shops- and there’s one by the G stop at Fulton St. in Fort Greene)
  • A cookie sheet
  • Cardboard box (the more creases it has, the more you will slow down, to make it faster, wrap it in a garbage bag)