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Reader favorites: 38 iphone applications for your kids

November 15, 2010

When I want to know the real scoop on anything, I usually pose a question on our Facebook Fan Page. A few months ago (am I really that behind?!), I asked “what iphone apps do your kids love?” People named some obscure ones (sneezies!), some award winners (FacesiMake) and some oldies but goodies (Peekaboo Barn).  It’s obvious that we all love our iphone apps- to help make a long plane ride faster, a dinner out seem manageable or to enjoy a fun game with our kids. I didn’t correct anyone’s spelling (hey, we all forget what the name of an app actually is, but linked it so you can find it no matter what). Feel free to add your own suggestions at the end of this post. I’m dying to hear about all the ones you love too and thanks to everyone for contributing.

P.S.- The most popular suggestion was Peekaboo Barn.

*Descriptions of each application are taken from the itunes websites. They are not reviews but rather supplied by the developer.

Here’s the mega list!

1. Tuey said: Bebot,the funniest app that both my kids (2 and 4 years) love and I do too. As a musician, it’s a cool combo of playing with scales and pitch, for a kid- it’s all about the wacky sounds. Our kids also love the Little White Bunny stories. They look like illustrations from “Goodnight Moon”- they’re sweet and the stories are simple and gentle.
Bebot: Part robot, Part synth – Bebot is a musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method and a versatile sound engine.
Little White Bunny: Both kids and adults can page through it easily, and it is narrated so your child can listen while watching the pages turn. The hand drawings bring a personal touch to the latest technology. The most unique feature about Winter Bunny is that you can record your own voice telling the story using your iPhone or iPod Touch! Your children can hear your voice or the voice of a distant relative to keep them in touch with the ones they love, which adds an extra-special dimension to the storytelling experience.

2. Turna said: Anything from Moving Picture Books and Peekaboo Barn.
Moving Picture Books: Moving Picture Books – To the Rescue! A cat is stuck in the tree, a dog is trapped in the car, a child has fallen off his bike. Who do you call? Policemen, firemen, doctors, ski patrol, lifeguards — every day super heroes to the rescue!
Peekaboo Barn
: Inside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. Try and guess who they are; tap the doors to find out!

3. Florencia said: Amazing Dr. Seuss books! My toddler also likes the Peekaboo!

4. Erin said: jirbo match is a cute memory game
jirbo match: There are countless hours of fun to be had playing Match, the memory game where you have to match all pairs of animals!

5. Marc said: Sneezies..sneezing themselves out of bubbles, who can resist?
Sneezies: Touch the screen to drop a burst of sneezing powder into the field of floating Sneezies and watch as they sneeze themselves out of their bubbles. Try to initiate a chain reaction to rescue as many Sneezies as you can in this family fun puzzle game.

6. Suzy said: my almost 4 year old loves angry birds
Angry Birds: The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 195 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

7. Liz said: we love bubbles, balloonimals, and Peekaboo Barn.
Bubbles: For toddlers who need a fun distraction. Bubbles brings the simple pleasure of popping bubbles to your iPhone. Unlike other iPhone games, Bubbles is fun entertainment that’s great for little ones on up.
balloonimals: Beautifully rendered Balloonimals spring to life when you blow into the microphone on your iPhone or press the screen with your iPod Touch. Watch the balloon inflate and then give your phone a shake to start constructing your Balloonimal. With each shake, your animal takes greater shape until… Voila! Your Balloonimal appears and is ready
Peekaboo Barn: Inside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. Try and guess who they are; tap the doors to find out!

8. Jeff said: Faces iMake collage art app is terrific and pretty original in the app marketplace. I reviewed it a while back – my girls 3 and 6 love it. Lorax’s Garden too, very fun for both my kiddos.
Faces iMake : **2010 MEDIA OF THE YEAR AWARD Winner**
Lorax’s Garden: Help the Lorax regrow the world’s Truffula tree forests!

9. Brock said:  Kid Art is pretty great.
Kid Art: This app is dedicated to all the children who love to draw on their parents iPhone but would appreciate a simpler app.

10. Jilian said: Cakedoodle is fun. Both my kids ages 6 and 3 loves to “bake” a cake. You add ingredients bake then frost and decorate. Super cute!
Cakedoodle: Crack the eggs, shake the salt, pour in the liquids, squeeze the lemon, mash the bananas, sift the flour, and toss in the dry ingredients. Blend the batter and bake your cake in our super fast oven. No need to wait for the cake to cool before icing and decorating it.

11. Don suggested: Airport Mania. Totally fun for my 2nd grader…he loves being in charge of getting the passengers to their right place.

Airport Mania: Hundreds of airplanes are on their way to your airport! In Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights, you’ll face the challenge of coordinating an endless number of incoming flights for as long as you can.

12. Jennifer said:  Free apps for 2 yr old, I hear ewe, Toddler Teasers shapes, Bubbles, Baby Piano Lite
I hear ewe: Entertain and educate your toddler with this simple game full of 24 different authentic animal sounds and 12 different vehicle sounds. When your baby taps on an animal or vehicle icon, the game will verbally announce what type of animal or vehicle it is and play a recording of its real sound.
Toddler Teasers Shapes: With a focus on simplicity and full voice overs, toddlers play and learn without the need for extra help. The app displays colorful quizzes and offers positive reinforcement and fun rewards.
Bubbles: For toddlers who need a fun distraction. Bubbles brings the simple pleasure of popping bubbles to your iPhone. Unlike other iPhone games, Bubbles is fun entertainment that’s great for little ones on up.
Baby Piano Lite
: Following the success of the Baby Flash Cards iPhone app, Dream Cortex is proud to present Baby Piano, another app for young children.

13. Betsy said: This one is a favorite: Peekaboo Barn

14. Larisa said: Our toddler’s favorite is Chudigi’s “Balloons” – you touch the screen to blow them up bigger and bigger and sometimes they pop.
Chudigi’s “Balloons: Send dozens of colorful balloons floating into the sky with a swipe of your finger. Increase the inflation size with slower swipes. Use quick taps to make lots of tiny balloons. If the sky gets crowded shake to pop. Features realistic balloon sounds.

15. Melissa said:  It’s ALL about Peekaboo Barn for 2-3 year olds!

16. Aitche said:  Doodle Kids, Finger Piano and Free Guitar.
Doodle Kids: Doodle Kids is a painting program written by Lim Ding Wen when he was 9 years old. This program is designed specially for his sisters and all the kids in the world. Ding Wen currently lives in Singapore.
Finger Piano: “FingerPiano” allows you to play the piano with just your finger.  You don’t need any skill, scores or practice.
Free Guitar: * 2010 Billboard Music App Award Winner *

17. Tracy said:  All of the duck duck moose apps are favorites but my 14th month old daughter really loves the wheels on the bus one. Now if they would only offer a lock key for the screen so she cant keep switching screens on her own. This is probably meant for kids a little older but on long car rides it keeps her occupied.
Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose: ★★★ 2010 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner – Parents’ Choice Foundation ★★★   ★★★ Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design – Children’s Technology Review ★★★
Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose: ★ 2010 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner – Parents’ Choice Foundation ★ ★ Winner of the “Best Children’s App” KAPi Award – 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show ★

18. Jennifer said: Glowstick.
Glowstick: Glow Stick Pro is the ULTIMATE GLOW STICK APP, giving you TOTAL CONTROL over your glow stick.

19. Kimberly said: My 2 yr old loves PBS’s Dress Chica
PBS’s Dress Chica: To help Chica get dressed, select hats, scarves, and more by touching the pictures and dragging them onto Chica! Shake the phone to hear Chica chirp and to make her dance. When you’re done you can save a picture of your creation, select a greeting, and make a postcard to email to friends and family.

20. Lilly said: Cupcakes! By maverick
Cupcakes!: The original and #1 selling food game on the iPhone & iPod Touch. Bake, decorate, and eat virtual cupcakes with all kinds of flavors & toppings! It’s the most creative fun you can have on your iPhone, and all with zero calories 🙂

21. Camille said:  My 2 1/2 year old is app crazy! He loves: Clifford: Be Big, WubbHunt, Where’s Waldo?, Nick Jr’s A-Z, Bert’s Bag (Sesame St.), Baby Flashcards, Thomas the Tank Engine, Sesame St. Firehouse Story, Team Umi Zumi Kite Maker, and Frogger by Konami. He has a lot of app time in the car- perhaps too much! My favorite is Clifford: Be Big by Scholastic.
Clifford: Be Big: Help Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone give Jetta ideas of things to paint by spelling words. As they play, kids will experiment with letters and letter sounds as they learn to spell three-letter words. Kids are guided toward spelling the words by choosing from a selection of letters from Jetta’s painter’s palette. Once a word is spelled, watch as a picture is painted of the word to show its meaning!
: Wubbzy fans of all ages can search for Wubbzy & Friends popping up amidst the backdrop of Wuzzleberg as Wubbzy himself cheers you on!
Where’s Waldo?:
**Over One Million Units Sold Worldwide**
Nick Jr’s A-Z:
The alphabet is here, from A to Zee! Join Moose and Zee on a puzzle-packed adventure with loads of letters. In this game, preschoolers search for letters hidden in exciting scenes like at the beach, on the street, and even in the deep seas!
Team UmiZoomi:
Oh no! The wind has blown the kites apart at the Umi City Kite Festival! The patterns on the kites were blown off them too! Team Umizoomi needs your help to fix the kites! First, help Geo fly through the sky with his super jet pac

22. Paula said: our daughter is OBSESSED with Elmo’s Monster Maker. It’s the bomb.
Elmo’s Monster Maker: *** 2010 Parents’ Choice Silver Honors Award Winner ***  Elmo wants you to make a monster friend! It’s easy! Choose a monster body and touch its face to give it eyes, nose and a hat—there are lots and lots and lots to choose from. When you’re done, Elmo will dance and play with your monster!

23. Marisa said: reversi– it’s like othello- flip the pieces over (black/white) until one color takes over the board. like a great game of solitaire, that consuming but not as complicated for our 7 year old.
reversi: Reversi (also known as Othello) is a much-loved classic strategy game, often described as taking only a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Each game only takes a few minutes, making it ideal for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It can be played by all ages.

24. Lucie said: the icecream game is awesome!! ..its called scoops..you tilt the phone to add icecream toppings to a cone, and there is an included app, that makes burgers….bread, lettuce, tomatoes, burger etc… my boys LOVE them!
scoops: Stack your ice cream cone high into the sky by tilting the phone left and right, catching as many scoops as you can while avoiding the vegetables (veggies ARE great apart from icecream!). The higher you go, the faster they fall, and the more wobbly your tower! Stack similar colors together for extra points.

25. Traci said:
Frogs and Fireflies is a color mixing game for ages 5 and up, and it was designed right here in the Bronx!
Frogs and Fireflies:
Wired.com’s GeekDad says, “Reminds me of one of my very favorite episodes of Blues Clues called ‘Colors Everywhere!’ … A really fun and unusual game that teaches color mixing, with enough complexity to interest anyone from kids up to adults.” April 8, 2010

26. Tracey said: Tales2Go for great kids’ audio books and stories on the go.
Tales2Go: As seen on The TODAY Show and “A Top 5 Must-Have iPhone App for Parents” according to CNET.  2010 Winner: NAPPA Gold Award, Parents’ Choice Award and PTPA Media Award – for excellence and innovation in mobile, on-demand delivery of audio books and stories for kids and families.

27. Maria said: we are super why fans and their app is almost as much fun as watching an actual episode- our 4 year old is addicted to it. we also like brushes– it’s super cool and amazingly sophisticated. great for my older child (9 years) and me!
super why: Help your child achieve the Power to Read with this collection of four SUPER WHY interactive literacy games. Your child can play along with each of the four main characters from the TV series: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and, of course, Super Why, while practicing the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading.
Winner, Apple Design Award 2010!  Brushes was used to create the cover of the June 1, 2009 issue of The New Yorker