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Spotted: Boerum Hill

October 13, 2010

Victoria and children in their peaceful home ©Justine Cooper Photography

“Spotted!”, our biweekly photo look at a family, has been re-vamped for fall! Justine Cooper is the amazing photographer who shoots this feature for us.  For fall, Justine is looking for families that personify a unique look in both who they are and how they live. If you are interested in being photographed for this segment, please email us.

Justine found this family coming home from school one afternoon.

“I was loving their style when I saw Victoria with 4 children one Friday afternoon in Boerum Hill. First, I asked if they were all her children! (two were), and would it be okay to take a portrait of them for “Spotted”. Very graciously Victoria not only agreed, but also invited me to come the following week to shoot their portrait in their home. Et Voilå, a distinctly aesthetic family inside and out. Not a big surprise that Victoria, in collaboration with her sister in the UK, have a company that creates bespoke lights and other lovely things for small people.

Her children were equally obliging. Charlie began his first novel on the typewriter in the parlor, while Florence hung out in her bedroom with her friend (there’s a White Rabbit toad stool light on the bedside table). White Rabbit’s new lights are a convergence of whimsy with modernism. I snapped a couple of them here, though I’m not even sure if they are available yet. Though I know Acorn on Atlantic Ave carries their line.
Needless to say I came home, reminisced upon their uncluttered, but warm home, and cleaned up my own house!”

Charlie types away ©Justine Cooper

Florence rests in her tranquil room ©Justine Cooper

Everyone converges on the bed. Owl light on bookcase. ©Justine Cooper

night night! ©Justine Cooper

Justine Cooper
, our “Spotted!” photographer, loves capturing babies and families so much, she made a career out of it. Originally trained as a photojournalist, she also has a Masters in Fine Art. She splits her time between creating work for galleries and shooting families in the New York area. She lives with her husband and two children in Brooklyn. Her portrait work can be seen at www.justinecooperphotography.com. You can see HER photo on our About page.