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Halloween (tr)Eats- homemade and otherwise

October 27, 2010

Okay. I’m going to admit something. You’ll likely roll your eyes at me, and that’s okay. I deserve it, but still feel strongly that most Halloween “kids” food is annoying.

Case in point: I just spied meatloaf shaped like rats nestled on mashed potatoes and doused with tomato sauce meant to look like blood. Really?! Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure that my boys would think that’s hilarious. They’d love it and I still won’t go there. I guess that makes me no fun.

But, lest you think I’m a Halloween grinch (an image of me sure to be shattered when you Brooklynites see my costume this year), I’ve rounded up a bunch of—dare I say—tastefully fun treats. I’ve also included two great lists of all-natural goodies for trick-or-treaters that won’t get your front door egged.

For the wee ones
* Little ones not yet ready to share candy can still get in the fun with these Healthy Halloween Recipes. Most recipes on this list, like these Pumpkin Patch Muffins, are suitable for kids 8-10 months and up.

Cooking with Candy
* These candy-inspired Choco-Marshmallow Peanut Butter Cup-Cakes are as decadent as I get. And boy, when I go there, do I go there well!

* Easy breezy Candied Apple Cider. Need I say more?

* Nutella isn’t exactly candy, but it sure does taste as good! Warm up after a chilly night of trick-or-treating with this Nutella Hot Chocolate. The recipe comes in three variations: basic, extra rich or cinnamon scented.

See, I Can Get Into the Spirit!
* These white chocolate covered Banana Ghosts are fun and easy. Cutesy, even.

* Okay. Halloween ridiculousness is one thing, but clever in another. And these Spiderweb Eggs are just plain clever.

* I like the ideas of giving homemade treats a splash of black and orange like in this Black and Orange Maple Toffee Popcorn. Pretty and delicious!

Healthy Store-Bought Treats
* You can’t give out homemade goodies (especially here in NYC!), so try these All-Natural Trick-or-Treat Candies or these Kids Taste Tested All-Natural Halloween Treats.

Seasonal Tastes
* If it stays warm like this through the weekend, give this Apple Cider Granita a try. It’s a perfect way to keep things fun, yummy and healthy before a candy-filled night out.

* These Pumpkin Boo Bars are perfect for Halloween and then magically turn into Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting perfect for Thanksgiving. How tricky!

Kids change the way we cook, but they don’t have to change how well we eat. Read more of Stacie’s family-friendly recipes and tips at
One Hungry Mama.