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Cutest Etsy Halloween Costumes or DIY

October 6, 2010

I am not clever, sadly. But I’m happy to give money to people who are clever, a la the folks who make the cool Halloween costumes at Etsy. Yes, some of the prices are steep and (to me) a little prohibitive, but not all of them. And if I’m going to spend 20 bucks on crap made far, far away, I can easily jump to spending 32 bucks on something actually made by a person with a name.

You probably know about Etsy – the online store for buying and selling handmade things, thousands and thousands of things. Actually, the wide variety is the problem I have with Etsy – it’s overwhelming to me and as a novice, I never get much past the initial search (usually for some sort of a purse) that brings up (not kidding) more than 200,000 options.  I was happy to see this morning that Parenting.com has a story in their Halloween section listing 44 (often) adorable Halloween costumes made by the artists at Etsy – Parenting.com did the searching and all I have to do is click to buy.

Excepting the many I loved that I deemed too pricey, I had two favorites:  an octopus poncho that seemed like I could actually get multiple uses out of it and a whole line of costumes from a company called DIY costumes: for $20, you receive all the stuff you need (felt and tools, apparently) to turn a colored sweat suit into a cute and comfy costume.

Some of the costumes shown note that their Halloween order deadlines have passed or are fast approaching, but many others are still available. And maybe browsing some of these ideas will inspire your own creative genius?  Now if only there weren’t a box hidden in my living room containing Darth Vader and SuperGirl costumes!