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Watch out! Dinos! (well, eco-friendly ones)

August 22, 2010

Last year we started receiving Sprig toys for birthday presents. I had never heard of them before, but it seems everywhere I look now, someone has one on the playground.

You might have seen them too. There are the very popular eco-trucks that dig and dump in the dirt and the funny large-headed figures with their work accessories: scuba tank, miner’s light, backpack.

The toys are paint-free ‘green’ toys using ‘Sprigwood’, which is a durable, child safe material made from recycled wood and plastic. They have a soft feel, so they don’t have those hard edges like plastic toys.

These toys are fun, too, and inspire the imagination for hours. The Adventure Series includes several vehicles and characters . Your child can go on a scuba search in the river (bathtub) or an expedition in the Sahara (sandbox) via hang glider. Have a dinosaur fan? The Dino Rig with a field guide and 2 dinos has tons of potential narratives. All characters are designed to be interchangeable, allowing for hours of imaginative play.

What’s really cool is that Sprig’s ‘electronic’ toys require no batteries. It’s your child who generates the toys’ lights, sounds and even songs through push and pump actions. So no batteries in the landfills.

Sprig also makes some great ‘on-the-go’ toys, such as the Little Red Riding Hood story-building book — perfect for keeping your child entertained in restaurants or on the plane.

The toys are affordable, ranging from $8.99 to $29.99. You can buy Sprig products online or at a number of local children’s stores, including:

Brooklyn Junior
Lulu’s Cuts & Toys
Half Pint Citizens

Joy Ferguson
has been a financial journalist for seven years in NYC. She lives in Fort Greene with her husband and two-year old son. Please contact her if you have a product you’d like reviewed.