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Fresh Direct gets competition: Peapod!

July 19, 2010

Peapod announced they are expanding to Brooklyn, NY and are now accepting orders as of last Sunday. It is delivering to: Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Navy Yard, Park Slope, Prospect Park or these zip codes: 11201    11205   11215   11217   11231

Wondering how good their food and delivery service is?

Some comments from Chowhound.com about Peapod:

I used Peapod for a few weeks several years ago when I was on crutches and couldn’t drive. Was always very happy with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Generally very happy with Peapod. They usually end up sending my some piece of produce that is sub-par, but they quickly take it off the bill when I call or e-mail them. The tend to be a little “rough” with the groceries too – probably because they carry SO many bags at one time (with these massive carabinder clips).

Ditto to what everyone has said about quality of product. I’ve lived in downtown Chicago for ten years after having lived a life in suburbia, and Peapod has especially been a blessing in the wintertime! My orders tend to be 50-60% paper, cleaning, pet and other household supplies and anything else we don’t feel like schlepping up 14 floors. Eggs are an issue, and frequently arrive with one or more cracked. I’ve noticed an upswing in late deliveries in the past year. (Leaner driver scheduling due to decline in business?) Almost never a missing or shorted item. Produce is very good quality over all. Only one rude driver in ten years is a pretty good average. We only buy meat and such from them in a dire emergency as we love shopping in the wonderful ethnic stores located all over Chicagoland.

Curious how it will compare to Fresh Direct?

Brooklyn Home Companion has some thoughts:

When I lived in DC, I sometimes ordered groceries through Peapod, and if you asked me about it I recommended it so highly friends got suspicious I wasn’t a secret Big Grocery operative. But I’m not so sure about FreshDirect. While I like it better than Peapod in theory—the products from nearby farms, the emphasis on healthy eating and seasonal produce—I’ve ended up with bad or nearly bad (as in, it started molding a day after I got it) produce from FreshDirect a handful of times …(She also writes about Fresh Direct’s new initiative to increase its sourcing from local farms).