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LEGO store opens at Rockefeller

June 24, 2010

Today there will be a place for all LEGO fanatics to go to: and that doesn’t just mean kids. LEGO is opening a store at Rockefeller Center today with impressive displays and of course- LEGOs you can buy.

NewYorkology has some great photos to give us a sneak peek. They reported that there are wonderful dioramas of NY city icons, including  a massive Rockefeller Center with tons of Lego people “that demand prolonged examination. The builders took a few liberties with the locations of buildings, but there are some remarkably clever touches, including the landscaped roof garden that are normally closed to the public, a skating Prometheus, and a crowd pressed against the windows of the “Today” show studio. The Magnolia Bakery building is also there. But since LEGO Master Builders are only allowed to use pieces that are available to the public — no custom-engineered pieces — Magnolia has a croissant on the window ledge instead of a cupcake.”

NewYorkology further reports that “The 3,000 square foot store soft opens Thursday at 10 a.m. with the grand opening scheduled for July 1. Starting June 29, the public will be invited to help the Master Builders construct a 16-foot tall, 12-foot wide, 2-1/2 ton big apple in the plaza outside the store. Construction is scheduled to reach completion by 3 p.m. Thursday for the official grand opening.”

For more information, like about LEGO classes, how the LEGO master builders work and the special LEGO bubbles, visit NewYorkology’s full post.

Details: LEGO store: 520 5th Ave (near the ice skating rink entrance) See mapped location here.