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RealBirth is closing

May 4, 2010

I was totally surprised by the news I heard today that Realbirth, a respected New York resource for pregnancy, childbirth preparation and drop-in supportive activities, is closing. In the last year, they had paired with Tribeca Pediatrics in Williamsburg and Park Slope to bring their classes to Brooklyn.

I tried to call Realbirth multiple times today to find out the entire story, but no one ever answered their lines. I did manage to get information from Tribeca Pediatrics though.  They said that Realbirth is slowly closing their doors and their last classes will run through June 30, 2010.  A new entity will be forming called “Tribeca Parenting”.  Tribeca Parenting will have the same kind of education programs as Realbirth and most of the teachers from RealBirth will be moving to the new business- and that will hopefully include the owner of Realbirth, Erica Lyon (as a teacher).  The new contact for Tribeca Parenting is emily@tribecaparenting.com (Emily is from Realbirth). Realbirth’s childbirth classes and inexpensive breastfeeding clinics will be especially missed. However, there are still plenty to choose from in Brooklyn. Check our listings for childbirth prepartion here and our listings for breastfeeding support here.