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Pamper Dry Max: debilitating rashes and the diaper wars

May 19, 2010

According to Z Recommends, who today posted the second part out of their four investigative series, Pampers Dry Max may be giving some children debilitating rashes. Z Recommends started their investigation after they heard talk on parent boards and social networking sites that discussed rashes from PDM that went “far beyond ‘everyday’ diaper rashes that (caused) parents (to) speak out, form groups to help spread the word, and demand a product recall.”

In this second of the series, Z Recommends takes a look at Pampers’ response to consumers….”(Pampers) have stated that they have not received complaints or calls at a more frequent rate than with the old diapers. Even if we are willing to suspend our disbelief and accept these numbers (see their entire post for this info), it does not follow that a similar number of diaper rashes, of much greater severity, would not represent a product defect, a problem that needs to be addressed, or a significant hardship for infants and their families.”

Further, Z Recommends states: “We suspect that Pampers does not even collect information regarding the severity of diaper rashes, as doing so would be a complex undertaking and create potential product liability issues. If this is true, it means that Pampers has no data regarding how severe diaper rashes from Dry Max diapers are compared with their old diapers or with competing brands, and they have given no indication that they believe such knowledge would be beneficial or would affect their belief in their product’s quality. Which is ridiculous.”

So, what is exactly happening? Z Recommends thinks this: “As in the case with Carter’s tagless clothing, it looks to us like we’re dealing here with an irritant that causes contact dermatitis in some but not others; that the non-universality of effect causes some reasonable people with good intentions to question its reality; and that the “diaper rash” it produces is likely to be so severe that it is the worst the child has ever experienced and, in many cases, the worst the parent has ever seen.”

Soon, Z Recommends will publish Part 3 of the series, in which they dissect pre- and post-Dry Max diapers and discuss potential sources of irritation.

Read Part 1 where they take a look at disposable diaper history, its science and the invention of Pampers Dry Max.