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Veeps: Becca in Carroll Gardens

April 28, 2010

This is our newest weekly photo feature called “Veeps” (as in “Vice Presidents” or “VIPS”), that features a Brooklyn parent. How did we come up with such a title? You, as a parent, are a”VIP”-  to both your kids and to us at the blog. The “vice president” connection? To your kids (until they hit about 13 years), you are a heartbeat away from ruling the world. So, there it is: you’re a “Veep” either way and we think it’s a pretty nice nickname.

There are lots of interesting veeps in Brooklyn that have a style all their own. We wanted Sarah Sloboda to photograph and interview them and so Sarah has been roving neighborhoods with her camera.  She found Becca and her baby in Carroll Gardens. Welcome to the second installment of “Veeps”.

Name: Becca

Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens

Kid’s Age: 1-1/2

Two Favorite Places: 1) The Transit Museum (the baby gets to drive a bus!)   2) Cobble Hill Coffee Shop (the diner is like a “dinner and show” experience for baby)

Hobby/Passion: Reading, Cooking, Sewing.  Sewed party decorations for the baby’s first birthday.

Anything you want to say to your kid? “Be anything you want, but be really good at whatever you choose.” … “Or, get a dog.”

Sarah Sloboda is a photographer and an optimist, whose mission it is to inspire millions of people with photographic evidence of their lives working beautifully. Sarah’s work has garnered international acclaim, having earned her 2nd prize in the wedding category of Prix de la Photographie, Paris, in 2007 and has been published nationally in the U.S., including kids magazines like Wondertime, Brio, and Citibabes, and for major brands like Sephora and the CW network. Her portfolio can be seen her and her blog here.