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Big blog news for Brooklyn foodies

April 7, 2010

Big news in the Brooklyn blog world:
Popular Brooklyn food blogger Stacie Billis of ChowMama has founded a new family food blog: One Hungry Mama.  Stacie, a Clinton Hill mom, is known for her simple-to-follow and healthy recipes for kids and parents.  She has made a giant leap with her new blog One Hungry Mama. She has the coolest search functions now: you can find meals by type, ingredients or age.  You can also save and print formatted recipes to your own recipe box. I am really excited to get cooking!

The other great news is that she is going to share one of her posts with us weekly. How lucky we are!

I suggest to subscribe to her feed or email subscriptions to get her features like:

{cravings} products I love that are delicious or make cooking easier and more fun
{feeding hacks} unexpected cooking tips that save time or money
{food for thought} food news relevant to raising healthy families
{green your eats} resources that help you cook & eat more sustainably
{kitchen aids} must-have family kitchen tools

And, here is just one of her stellar recipes:

Polenta “Creamed” Spinach (8+ mos)
*i can’t get enough of this recipe. i developed it as a side for steak that would complete my steakhouse meal, while giving me a healthy, satisfying dinner for my non-steak eating toddler.