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What I really wanted to say was “Brownies!”

March 26, 2010

Fellow blogger, April Peveteaux, who is at Cafemom’s blog “The Stir”, was kind enough to do a writeup about my blog. It is under the title “Baby Mama of the Week.” And though that sounds like I did something wonderful to deserve such a title, it’s essentially an interview- but a really fun one at that.

The hardest question she asked me was: “What’s your secret coping mechanism?”

My initial reaction was “No Pudge Brownie batter mix with a large spatula and an episode of ‘Lost’.”

But I dug deep, and found a more appropriate answer.

I did mention parent coach, Alice Kaltman (Family Matters NY) and her parenting advice that is always in the back of my mind:

“Be a fair and wise chief executive, not a devious dictator”

She’s right. It’s okay to bend one of your rules now and then. You can still be in control. Let your kids negotiate for an exception to a rule — that’s a good skill to learn. If you let them “win,” your kids know that you hear them and that you are a fair and flexible parent. Not to mention that it lets them have the illusion of power. (Ha ha!) And, that’s a good thing. No one wants to live in a dictatorship.

Thanks April, it was fun to do, and so glad to see you at The Stir: she and the other bloggers there are keeping up a steady stream of thoughtful, newsy posts for parents.