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Cesarean Section rate for New York Hospitals

December 7, 2009
Cesarean Rates in New York

Cesarean Rates in New York

Ever wonder what percentage rate your chosen hospital has for cesarean sections? I know I did. I was alarmed to find my hospital rate’s had gone up by 10% over 7 years! It seems that that trend is fairly common. The only two hospitals whose percentages have gone down are: Roosevelt Hospital (2.3%) in Manhattan and Victory Memorial in Brooklyn (1.8%) . When WHO experts advise a safe range for cesarean sections for industralized nations be 10-15% and most New York hospitals are between 20 and 40%, you have to wonder what we are doing wrong.

The chart is courtesy of Choices in Childbirth which is a non-profit organization that provides information about birth and options. They put out an essential guide: New York City Guide to a Healthy Birth that is available via PDF or FREE. I highly recommend it.