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November 1, 2009

Reader Tracy (thanks!) sent in this new school site: (http://www.privateschoolreview.com/).  It lists both private schools and daycares in all the states.  It seems like a helpful site if you are considering moving out of Brooklyn. Obviously, it also works for Brooklyn, but there are so many Brooklyn listings (446), so you need to know the names of schools you are interested in.  That means this site is really only useful as a secondary resource.  Instead, I would start with our Schools page (which are only recommended schools) , or our Daycare page, or http://www.greatschools.net/ or http://www.savvysource.com or any other of the reputable sites on our School Sites page. For public schools, the must-go-to site is www.insideschools.org. And don’t forget to check A Child Grow’s  School Expert’s blog for up to date Brooklyn school news: http://mysidewalkchalk.blogspot.com/