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James Bond Stroller with Changing Table

November 18, 2009

Yes, it’s true. James Bond (if he ever settled down….) would have this stroller. Abiie, a new stroller company, has just released a G2G stroller with a “Baby Deck”- a built-in changing table. With a flip, the G2G’s seat bottom unfolds into a sanitary changing table. It has a removable, washable anti-microbial pad, and a secret compartment to store wipes and other baby items. I don’t know how this would work with bigger kids though. However, it it soooo much better than cramming them in the stroller as I do now for diaper changes for my 15 month old- or using those filthy changing tables in the park or at the airport.

The Abiie G2G BabyDeck Stroller can be purchased online at a number of online retailers www.babiesrus.com, www.amazon.com and CSNstores.com. It is listed for $189 on Amazon.

The reviews of it on Amazon are good:

Now we love this babydeck feature bc we no longer need to stop by public restroom. It keeps our 9 months daughter from potential flu bugs. An awesome stroller!

I love the BabyDeck stroller!! My favorite feature is the ‘babydeck’. I can change my baby directly from the stroller seat – where I KNOW its clean.!!

With baby changing deck featured from this stroller, it is life saver for parents when your baby just needs a clean diaper in a few minutes instead line up waiting for the restroom and need to clean the baby changing station for few minutes. We also found another useful feature from this stroller, and we use it as baby sleeping station. Our baby sleeps comfortably in this stroller outdoor.

P.S. It comes in a few different colors.