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Get your Maclaren Hinge Covers in Brooklyn

November 13, 2009

By now, you have probably heard about the massive recall on Maclaren Strollers. The fix for the hinge (which has been reported to have severed 12 childrens’ fingers) is a fabric cover that hides the hinge. To get yours you can:

  1. Call Maclaren USA toll-free at (877) 688-2326 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday
  2. Or visit the company’s website, to get the fix.
  3. You can get your Maclaren Hinge Covers locally at:

LuLu’s for baby
44 5th Avenue
between Bergen and Dean Streets

Maclaren may not be the only problem, as Zrecommends points out: You see, many umbrella strollers, not just Maclarens, have been hazardous for a long time. It’s a risk that is intrinsic to the way many umbrella stroller hinges are designed. I have a vivid memory of a doll stroller recalled in 2007, because our daughter Zella, then three, had one. The primary hazard was fingertip severing, and the fix was a retrofit kit that shielded kids from the hinge, just like Maclaren’s does. That toy stroller had the same basic design common to umbrella strollers, which is why the manufacturer probably thought nothing of it when they produced it. When that recall came out, there were probably people at big baby product companies who said, “What kind of an idiot would use an umbrella stroller hinge on a kids’ toy? Strollers are designed to be opened by adults, not kids.” But what these product designers don’t seem to have recognized was how frequently a child’s finger might get close to that hinge during the opening of the stroller. Kids who are eager to get going where that stroller will take them may start to climb or jump in before it’s been fully deployed.