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Nutrition Classes for Infants and Toddlers

September 1, 2007

Laura Fischer-Harbage, nutritional counselor, is teaching some classes to help parents prepare and wisely select food for our babies and kids. Laura did a consultation for me and I got a lot out of it.

September 9 Fort Greene Brooklyn, 1:30 pm
Still Hip Brooklyn, clothing and toy resale boutique (kids & maternity)
283 Grand Avenue | Clinton Hill | 718.398.0008
Fun with Finger Foods
This class is
designed to help you prepare healthy and delicious foods for the child
interested in feeding themselves.  Whether your child is now
transitioning into finger foods or you have been looking for a wider
variety of food to offer, this class should be fun and helpful.  By the
end of the course, parents will have an understanding of their childs
nutritional needs for the years to come, how to transition from purees
to finger foods, and from finger foods to child meals, and many ideas
for creating healthy balanced meals.

September 23rd Fort Greene Brooklyn, 1:30pm
Still Hip Brooklyn, clothing and toy resale boutique (kids & maternity)
283 Grand Avenue | Clinton Hill | 718.398.0008
Starting Solids – Stage 1 
For new parents and parents-to-be. This class covers all topics that new eaters should know—what, when and how much. We will also look at how to start your child’s life long healthy eating habits. Learn what your child’s nutritional needs are and the value of different foods. Also what foods to avoid, the difference between home-made and store bought food, and how to make easy homemade foods.

October 7th Fort Greene Brooklyn, 1:30pm
Beyond purees: Stage 2 Foods
This class is
designed for new parents with an infant from 7-10 months old. This class
is an intermediate class for infants who have “mastered” the basic
puree and ready to move on to more complex foods.  We will go over tips to address fussy eaters before it becomes a problem.  Suggestions
are quick and easy with the objective of making one meal to accomodate
the entire family.  This is the first step to phase out baby vs.
grown-up meals.  We will
discuss the nutritional value of different foods, what foods to avoid
and what foods are the highest in nutrition content.

For more information or to register, please visit www.maitrihealth.com.  I understand the classes are close to filling up, so get in while you can!