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Maternity Clothes Shopping

January 11, 2007

Belly Dance Maternity
548 Hudson near Perry


This store has a great variety and not too expensive. The best selection of maternity jeans anywhere! They know which brand is right for your body type. The saleswomen couldn’t be more helpful. The changing rooms are busy with a huge mirror so be prepared to show off your bump!

Boing Boing (NOW CLOSED)

204 Sixth Avenue

Open M-F:11-7, Sa-Su:10-6.

461 7th Avenue (between Winsdor and 16th Street)
718 840-5880

I know there
has been some grumbling about this store in yahoo user groups (all to
do with the salespeople)- I think this place is a terrific asset. They
have a variety of nursing supplies, bottles, nursing bras and slings.
Sometimes I have had a saleswoman or two that wasn’t really
knowledgeable, but, as of late, that seems to have been remedied and I
would highly recommend this neighborhood store. (Plus they have great
maternity tees.)


464 Bergen Street
Brooklyn,  NY 11217
Tues-Sat 11-7
Sun 12-6

Finally we got a good maternity store in Brooklyn! I just visited this elegant store and was impressed by the varied selection of sexy and comfy nursing bras and nursing/sleeping wear. I wish they had been around when I was first nursing. Also, they had beautiful, breezy summer blouses and delicate summer dresses. Nice tanks and tees too. The atmosphere was very soothing, with chairs, books, creams and even a selection of slings for your partner to try on while you try on some clothes. The prices are standard for maternity wear.UPDATE: Being pregnant the second time around I went back to visit Bump. The saleswomen were so helpful and fun. They entertained Birch the entire time I tried on clothes: playing peekaboo and drawing. Meanwhile they swept in and out of my dressing room with suggestions, new sizes and helpful practical advice. I found a lot of great things here- there yummy tshirts and tanks were on sale at a great price and they had a lot of staples I found helpful. The jeans were awesome- great styles to choose from.

Destination Maternity

575 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10022
(The Corner of Madison Avenue and 57th Street)


Plus includes the Edamame Spa and
Learning Studio

I usually don’t find a ton here as the saleswomen aren’t as hands-on as some of the aforementioned boutiques. Also, I am not crazy about the harshly lit atmosphere, the constant presence of male security guards and workers- it made it uncomfortable.  The clothes are fine, but nothing too special. The only reason I would visit this store for is bathing suits: they have a wide selection.

Liz Lange

at 76th


A Pea In The Pod At Macys at 34th Street
151 West 34th Street
New York,
NY 10001

This Pea in the Pod store is really “hands-on”.  They offer you a glass of water and wonderful attention.  It is a small space with a small selection- but they have a lot of stuff on sale.

Still Hip (NOW CLOSED)
283 Grand Ave (btw. Lafayette and Greene)
Brooklyn, NY (Clinton Hill)

store feels fresh and bright with richly painted chocolate and blue
walls and large light-filled windows.  There are shelves and racks full
of great finds of second-hand items identified with cleverly designed
labels. You wouldn’t guess this is a second-hand shop. Everything feels
considered and lovely.  You can find shoes, hats, clothes, jackets,
toys, books, crib bedding, strollers, slings, maternity and more. They
have a play space where classes are held and when not thus occupied is
a play space for children of shopping parents. I left Birch there while
I looked around- and he couldn’t have been happier in the play space
full of gleeful other toddlers banging away on drums and tapping on

Veronique Maternity

1321 Madison Ave at 93rd