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Author: a child grows


Art Spa therapeutic art studio Nadia Jenefsky, MPS, LCAT 241 Bedford Avenue, Suite 12 Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Williamsburg) 917-293-4642 Nadia offers classes for artists who are parents. Classes/workshops include: an art therapy group for helping professionals, art group for expectant parents, art and therapy training for mental health professionals. Choiceful Birth and Parenting Ellen Krug, MSW, LCSW, CCE The Pregnancy Circle and New Mom/Newborn Circle – weekly groups. Meet others, learn new information, honor your inner wisdom, increase confidence, and explore issues in a safe and nurturing space. Individual counseling is also available. 718.768.0494 Colleen Campo, MA. LCPC 2 locations: 80 East 79th Street New York, NY 10021 AND AT: Soho Parenting 568 Broadway, Suite 402 New  York, NY 10012 212-744-3700 x 249 Individual and couples counseling. Colleen Campo offers professional counseling services for people during lifestyle changes and transitions. Pregnancy, marriage, and motherhood can all be challenging at times.  Colleen will give you the caring support you need and help you to make healthy choices in your life. Affiliated with Soho Parenting. Listed in City Baby.Jean Kunhardt at Soho Parenting recommends Colleen. Ellen Chuse Childbirth 411 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 718.789.1981 She provides short-term counseling designed to integrate body and mind in preparation for childbirth and parenthood or to address issues from a previous birth. She also leads New Mothers’ Groups...

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